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COVID Sucks!

Hi everyone, I know I've been away since the pandemic. Its a real shame that its put my art to such a halt. It was not an easy adjustment for me. I tried to diversify by taking self-photos. Which is incredibly difficult and took 3x as much time being both the photographer and the model. I tried to take more wildlife and nature photography, which is did enjoy to some extent and did well at progressing. But my biggest accomplishments in my photography over the pandemic to date, have been taking beautiful photos of my girlfriend! We had so much fun working together and with my added free time I was able to really focus on progressing my editing and efficiency. As much as COVID has been a horrible thing to us in many ways, but looking for the positives can ensure perseverance into my art. Im now working on accruing a few more professional photography items to ensure the best photo quality and sometime in the near future I think I would like to try and be busy with photographing to help raise money for other investments in my life. Hope someday we can help each other get what we are striving for. Thanks so much all for your support and respect!

-Russ Beebe

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